Human Ashes Made into Diamonds

Technology has brought us all sorts of wacky and wonderful creations. The diamond trade is no stranger to crazy new inventions and the latest is the option one Swiss company are giving people to remember their lost loved ones. Turning their ashes into a diamond! Whether or not a diamond made from human ashes is something that appeals to you, well, I am sure that is down to the individual. But regardless of personal opinions it is definitely a clever discovery.

Do What With Human Ashes?

Funeral procedures are a sad time and often families have individual ways of saying goodbye and dealing with their loss. Traditionally human ashes are scattered in a place that means something to the family, however strange this may seem to an outsider. Alternatively ashes can be buried. Or even kept in an urn. All of these traditions sure seemed odd at first right? So carrying a piece of your lost loved ones with you in the form of jewellery may not be that strange and could well be as common as scattering ashes in the future.

From Ashes To Diamonds

When you stop and think though, scientists have been telling us for years that natural diamonds take billions of years to form and require the perfect geological conditions and process. And although synthetic diamonds have become more common, with few observable differences from their natural counterparts and can be made in a number of different ways does that necessarily mean it is possible to create a human ashes diamond.

In reality it is far from impossible with the main process for creating synthetic diamonds mainly just involving high temperatures and extreme pressure put onto carbon atoms and starter crystals to create a rough diamond. A human body is contains around 18% carbon and it would seem that human ashes retain some of this carbon making the process not much different from creating normal synthetic diamonds.

Human ashes make blue diamonds


The process does involve removing the other elements from the ashes however before the process is started.  Once the carbon element is separated the rough diamond can be created. Traces of other elements from the human body usually leave the diamond blue which is an extremely fashionable colour for diamonds on today’s market.

An Expensive Memento

Usually it is assumed that you will pay far more for a natural diamond than you would a synthetic diamond but the same can not be said if you wish to turned your loved one into a human ashes diamond. If you are planning on getting your loved ones turned into a diamond we would suggest you get saving as it will set you back a fair amount. However it could be argued that a human ashes diamond is a priceless memorial and any price is worth paying. Only time will tell whether this is something that will take off but for the time being the process seems limited to the wealthy.

At we definitely would not recommend proposing to the love of your life with a diamond made from your dead grandma. (It might creep her out after all!) So we suggest you take a look at our online store at our large collection of diamonds and rings that means there is sure to be something to suit your tastes and budget, although we only deal in natural diamonds here!