Are Coloured Diamonds the Next Big Thing?

When people think of diamonds, the most common thing to pop into their minds are colourless diamonds (white diamonds). Obviously colourless diamonds are the most common & most popular to buy, but not for long.

Coloured diamonds are slowly making their way into pieces of jewellery & being classed as “excellent alternative investments” and the “trendiest asset class to invest in”. Last year the collection of Argyle Pink Diamonds made their way into Kensington Palace to be displayed as some of the rarest & most beautiful diamonds ever to be seen. Another coloured diamond to make it to the news last year was the 12 carat Martian Pink diamond which sold for an astonishing $17.4 million.

The price of pink diamonds has increased by 443% over the past 10 years. With this being said; pink diamonds cost millions, meaning it is only a fortunate few who can actually take these diamonds home. The majority of pink diamonds are sold at auction, making them a rare (and very expensive) find.