Diamond Mines: Across The World

How The Diamond Trade Works

In diamond mines across the world diamond mining requires various kinds of special techniques. Basically, diamonds found on dry land require either open pit or underground mining. Coastal mining entails excavation of the sand while riverbed diamond mining involves basic shovelling and sieving. Other diamonds can only be mined undersea by using large drills. Generally, the whole mining process requires massive financial funding and superior technical knowledge.

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Diamond Mines Across The World

Diamonds mines are located in twenty five countries across the world including Russia, India, Canada, Australia and America. However most of the world’s diamonds come from Africa – roughly two thirds of the world’s diamonds in fact. In particular, Botswana Diamond Mine supplies a massive twenty two percent of the world’s total diamonds.

One particularly interesting diamond mine in America is the Crater of Diamonds State Park. This state park is the only diamond site in the world that is open to the public – and lets visitors keep any findings. In fact, in recent news, a 12 year old boy found a 5.16 carat diamond on a visit to the park with his family.

In the past mining conditions in third world countries have not been ideal but many first world countries companies in the diamond industry have been working to change this. In 2009, a new company took over a diamond mine in Botswana. A Canadian company Lucara Diamond. Lucara treat the nearby local communities with respect by working together with the villagers and listening to the people’s concerns. This means the local people are given a voice rather than being ignored when plans are made that may directly effect them. As well as improvements in making  positive relations with the local communities Lucara worked to create jobs by investing in an abattoir, offered support to local entrepreneurs by handing out start-up loans and developed the Women’s Empowerment Network to support and educate the local women.


diamond mines across the world

Blood Diamonds, Conflict & Recent Progress

During the history of Diamond mines, there have been some negative and tragic effects. Diamonds mined in Africa have, in the past, led to injuries and killings of local, innocent villagers in the hundreds of thousands. ‘Blood diamonds’, as this is known, are mainly caused by diamond mines in war zones where they are sold to fund insurgency or war.

However since the joint effort and collaboration of governments and other organisations in 2000, blood diamonds have reduced in number considerably. As of now, less than 1% off all diamonds mined are blood diamonds. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme still works to completely wipe out all blood diamonds. DiamondGeezer.com only sell diamonds mined in countries that are blood diamond free and use the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to ensure this.

Benefits Of Diamond Mines

It’s important not to forget the good that diamond mine companies give back to the communities they work with. In African countries especially, many new mining companies share their success with locals by providing them with jobs, healthcare, free education and funding in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Buying diamonds in this country is always giving something back to the miners and their families in third world countries allowing them a livelihood in an industry that has improved no end especially with an end to the blood diamond trade.

At DiamondGeezer.com we ensure our diamonds are all sourced ethically and our jewellery is completely blood-diamond free. Make sure you are giving something back to the people whose livelihoods depend on the diamond industry.