Wrist watch straps ‘define a gent’s style’

Men can define their signature style with their wrist watch strap.

Men are accessorising their watches with different straps, it has been suggested.

According to Oneindia, gents are defining their style by what goes around their wrists, taking into account everything from design to material.

Classic leather appeals to men who attend formal occasions because "they look very posh" and it has been a wristwatch trend for such a long time.

Scratch-resistant ceramic bands have made a comeback after being big in the 1980s and are suitable for high-profile parties and looking casual, while titanium straps look good with sports watches and can be worn day-to-day or activities.

Finally, exotic materials such as crocodile skin and sheepskin can complement a jeans and a T-shirt look and come in various colours.

Next month, a watch belonging to former New York Yankees baseball player Joe DiMaggio will go under the hammer at an auction in the Big Apple – the timepiece is expected to fetch $7,000 (£4,370).