Kirstie Allsop’s missing ring – the design team offer a back-up solution

Replacement Ring


Kirstie Allsop, the TV property presenter  has sadly lost her engagement ring somewhere in Hackney.  We all hope that Kirstie finds her ring because the huge sentiment can not be replaced.

Here are the details that Kirstie has provided and she is offering a reward. ……….

The large stone in the centre looks like a ruby, although very similar, it isn’t. It is big and chunky, so could be mistaken for costume jewellery, the ring has a central stone that is a 33 Carat Spinel (looks like a ruby) surrounded by diamonds. If you are in Hackney, keep an eye on the pavement or on the floor in Marks & Spencers in Mare street, Hackney, London E8. By now it could be anywhere, quite possibly someone has picked it up thinking it is of no great intrinsic value.

If you can hep contact Kirstie via

Of course  if a replacement is needed, is ready to help, click the image and see our interpretation of Kirstie’s ring.  Our source material & inspiration was the small ‘birds-eye’ image of Kirstie’s lost ring at