Diamond Myths: Reasonable Superstitions?

Diamond Myths

Diamond Myths: Diamonds and rubies, sapphires and pearls. They have long been decorating the hands and necks of the upper class. However diamond myths and superstitions are also common. Throughout history, there are a number of diamonds and precious stones that are surrounded by legend.

The Hope Diamond

The hope diamond myths

The Hope Diamond is a 45-carat bluey- grey diamond that’s history traces back to India. A French merchant sold the stone to King Louis XIV of France, from whom the jewel was stolen after his failed attempt to flee France, resulting in execution. It turned up again in England under the possession of King George, where it was sold after his death to pay off debts. Joseph Frankels also owned the diamond until also selling it to pay off debts. Whilst Evalyn Walsh McLean owned the diamond she suffered a series of misfortunes and after her death the diamond ended up in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. Due to all the misfortune of the previous owners the diamond is said to bring bad luck and debts but so far the museum seems to remain curse free.

La Peregrina Pearl

La Pergrina Pearl diamond myths

La Peregrina Pearl is a 50-carat pearl famously worn by Elizabeth Taylor. However according to diamond myths and superstitions it is a talisman for stormy love affairs. King Phillip II of Spain gave it to Queen Mary I of England before their marriage but later left her. She died without an heir. He then attempted to gift the pearls to her half-sister, Elizabeth I who refused his proposal. More recently Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth Taylor, who he married and divorced twice. She married eight times in total. All evidence of its powers?

 The Blue Diamond

According to diamond myths The Blue Diamond is supposedly a large blue jewel that curses anyone who possesses it illegally. In 1989 a Thai janitor stole a large amount of jewellery from the Saudi Royal family. Thai authorities when alerted to this, maintain that the jewel does not exist as there was no evidence of it, but returned what they found to Saudi officials. Many were said to be fake. Saudi diplomats investigating the Blue Diamond in Thailand have been murdered or disappeared although Thai police argue there is no evidence to connect this to the Blue Diamond. The mystery of the Blue Diamond continues to strain relationships between Saudi Arabia and Thailand to this day.

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