Beau Sancy Diamond Sells for $9.57million

Around a month ago posted a blog about the famous Beau Sancy Diamond going up for auction on may 14th. The estimated value of this diamond & what people thought it would sell for was $4 million. Sotheby’s held their auction in Geneva and, on May 14th 2012, the Beau Sancy sold for an amazing $9 million to an anonymous bidder. The reason for the Beau Sancy selling for such a generous offer is it’s fascinating history & beautiful story. Lord of Sancy bought the “Beau Sancy” for his wife, Marie de Medici, who was one of the richest women in Europe and part of the  famous Medici family of Italy. Sadly, Medici’s husband was murdered & she lost all of her wealth & in 1604 was forced to sell the diamond to King Henry IV of France for 80,000 florins. The diamond was passed through Henry’s descendants and many royal families of Europe. The Beau Sancy is said to be one of the most important & historic diamonds to ever go to an auction making it a memorable & extra special sale. The owner of the Beau Sancy must be extremely happy!