Wedding ring personalisation ‘becoming more popular’

Wedding ring personalisation services - such as that offered by Diamond Geezer - are becoming more popular among buyers, it has been claimed.

A growing number of customers are becoming more involved with the design of their wedding ring as they seek a personalised item that is unique.

This is according to a writer known as Katy, who said in an article for Diamond News that individualisation is becoming one of the biggest areas of the jewellery industry.

"Manufacturers are aware of their customers' special requests and offer web-based configuration options allowing bridal couples to generate a preliminary design on the internet," she remarked.

Diamond Geezer is one firm that provides such a service, having recently launched a new web-based offering that features over 30,000 wedding ring options for customers – the widest range on the market.

The final design is then ready for the buyer within around seven working days, thanks to rapid-prototyping systems and CNC milling machines that can produce the items quickly.

Commenting, Regensburg-based jeweller Maximilian Dieterle explained such offerings are particularly popular among the younger generation.