‘Martian Pink’ Diamond Sells for $17.4 million

The ‘Martian Pink’ is an extremely rare 12 carat pink diamond that is so adored that it sold for $17.4 million (£11.1 million) in Hong Kong on Tuesday 29th May. The name ‘Martian’ came from the celebrity master jeweller Harry Winston who was so impressed that the Americans had landed on Mars in 1976 that he decided to look into his inventory & find a rough diamond that would more than likely be pink. After cutting the diamond to perfection, Harry Winston unveiled the most intense pink diamond  he had ever seen or cut before. The current owner of the ‘Martian Pink’ wanted the diamond to be sold in Hong Kong where it would demand a higher price. The buyer of this beautiful rare pink diamond is anonymous & placed the winning bid over the phone, he/she must be extremely proud to own such a rare & beautiful diamond.

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