Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour: A Massive Hit

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

We follow anything connected with Diamonds and you may have noticed that we write about them quite a bit! Probably because we at DiamondGeezer.com have been in the business for nearly 50 years, one way or another. The very latest connection with Diamonds is the much reported  Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour. She called her sell-out tour this, in reference to her massive hit single of the same name. Written by SiaFurler and featured on Rihanna’s 7th album, “Unapologetic”, the lead single “Diamonds” was released on September 27th 2012 and reached number 1 in over 20 countries! The song made number 1 on the US Hot 100 and has been certified double platinum.

Rihanna's diamonds tour

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Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour

Selling over 3 million digital copies in America alone, it became her 12th number 1 there, tying with the same number as Madonna and The Supremes. As of May this year, sales of the record had surpassed seven and a half million copies world wide, making it one of the best selling singles of all time.Interestingly, she is also the artist with the most singles (7) on the all time best seller list – all quite remarkable from a stunning performer. The song itself features the lyrics; “Shine bright like a Diamond” and “We’re like Diamonds in the sky”, revealing a generally happy slant on life. However, Rihanna’s own life has been rather more turbulent on this tour, after a public and seemingly acrimonious break up with Chris Brown.

Rihanna’s link with DiamondGeezer.com products doesn’t seem to stop at music, she recently released her latest cosmetics collection partnered with MAC Cosmetics, which features a Rose Gold Liquid Bronzer and prior to her new range, her own favourite lipstick was Ruby Woo.

So, wherever you look, gemstones and precious metals seem aesthetically very prominent in Rihanna’s life. We note that she also wears her fingernails in a ‘round nail’ shape. Perhaps she therefore should grace a finger with a Round Brilliant-Cut Diamond Ring from DiamondGeezer.com, or we could design something with Rubies and/or using Rose Gold or indeed Platinum, which she clearly likes. Then she can really ‘shine bright’ as the song says.
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