Four C’s ‘crucial’ when buying a diamond ring

Cut, clarity, colour and carat all need to be considered when buying a diamond ring, according to one writer.

There are a number of things men need to take into consideration when picking a diamond ring to use in a marriage proposal.

Writing for the Province, Scott Hannah urged males to educate themselves on the four C's – cut, clarity, colour and carat – when selecting a precious stone.

"The bigger and better the diamond, the more expensive the ring will be," he observed, adding it is important to "strike a balance between size and sparkle".

Mr Hannah noted it is important to set a budget and do extensive research before picking the jewellery, adding finding out "what kind of a ring your girlfriend would like" and her expectations are important – something family and friends can help with.

His advice follows that of the Daily Mail, which stated size is not the only factor that needs to be considered when choosing a diamond, as colour and cut are just as important.