100% Delivered for the 10th Year Running

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100% Delivered for the 10th Year Running

An interesting set of issues and conditions were thrown at us this year although the dominating problem was not the snow it was the media. They were right to report the weather conditions but highly irresponsible in suggesting that the position was hopeless and that customers should demand money back from online retailers assuming that they could not deliver.. At 10 inches we had more than our fair share of the fluffy stuff and we are in the rural Cotswolds which presented special challenges & complications. We had to think on our feet and set contingency in place. Our potential problems were avoided simply by renting a small fleet of Landrovers, before the snow arrived, to battle the weather conditions and ensure staff got into work and got in safely. Thank you to clients old and new for their faith in us to deliver at this important time of year.


Extra ordinary efforts by the DiamondGeezer team, which included staying overnight on occasions, ensured that all orders left on time and no orders were cancelled in spite of the media doom and gloom. Life got even more complicated when our local village post office could not get post collected, so we jumped in the 4×4′s and drove our post 35 miles to a large sorting office in a relatively snow free zone each night to ensure that parcels were shipped.


We are also delighted to report that the Post Office addressed (no pun intended) their problems with the snow and put a £20 million fund to meet the extra demands of the weather which ensured that premium services were delivered on time.


So in the last 10 days we have designed, manufactured (from the ground up) and delivered 148 bespoke pieces of fine diamond jewellery, plus manufactured and delivered a similar quantity from our established product range. We’ve flown specific and special diamonds and gemstones half way around the world to meet delivery dates. We have also delivered nearly 100 MAX XL watches. During those 10 days each customer got regular and frequent updates by email & phone.


10 days ago I ordered two gifts for my wife, one from Comet and one from Apple in both cases I paid for an expedited delivery, both companies guaranteed delivery by the 20th. December. Not a word from either, until today, Christmas Eve, when I chased them and was advised to expect delivery of both on the 4th of January. They must both be using the same ineffective courier. Both failed to meet their obligations especially when we know that with a little imagination, planning and a lot of application it is possible to take control.

A customer is for life NOT just for Christmas.