The Panorama report on Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields

An interesting Panorama report on Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields and severe human rights violations from the BBC last night (8th August 2011). recognised and drew attention to these problems and violations way back in November 2007.

Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields

Indeed there are over 65,500 references to our article from November 2007 on the ‘Net .

Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields

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Zimbabwe is home to 11.9 million people and accounts for a tiny and estimated 0.4 percent of global diamond production. This once thriving landlocked African country has become increasingly dependent on diamond exports to support its collapsed economy. Partnership Africa Canada, a leading regional NGO has reported that Zimbabwe’s diamond industry is out of control. ‘The government has expropriated diamond lands and companies without due process and awarded the prizes to ZANU-PF supporters and to the military. It has used brute force to clear the diamond fields…murdering hundreds of people in the process. Increasing military control in almost all of the diamond mines, and over the Ministry suggests that a new conflict scenario may be developing.’ will continue to monitor the situation very carefully.