Wedding ring buyers ‘opting for unusual designs’

Organic designs are replacing formal styles as popular items among buyers of wedding rings, one writer has observed.

Buyers of wedding rings are shunning traditional designs in favour of items that feature warm colours and unusual shapes, it has been claimed.

In an article for Diamond News, a writer known as Katy explained "formal designs are out", with organic styles growing in popularity.

Speaking to the news source, Sandro Erl of jeweller Furrer Jacot stated "new designs are narrower and more feminine", adding the trend for wider items "has stopped".

And growing numbers of couples are opting for a combination of metals, jeweller Maximilian Dieterle observed, remarking "striking surface structures" – which enable the reproduction of a tiger skin design, for example – are also seeing increasing demand.

Men who are in the market for a diamond engagement ring need to consider the four C's – cut, clarity, colour and carat – when making their choice, Scott Hannah of the Province recently noted.

He commented it is important to find a balance between the size of the diamond on the ring and its sparkle.

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