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Making an important purchase from a reputable ‘distance-seller’ like DiamondGeezer.com really does not require a huge leap of faith, merely a slight change of culture. Time to abandon those traditional ideas of tramping around the High Streets, trying on yet more mass-produced engagement rings that hundreds have tried on before you. Why limit yourself? Why make this important decision in a few stressful minutes while standing at a counter with the next person breathing down your neck?

The irony, distance selling laws protect you so much more when you make a purchase from the internet. There is no such thing as ‘Caveat Emptor’, buyer beware, when making a remote purchase, the law forbids it. Listed below are the questions that we get asked the most, we trust our answers address your needs and this is a valuable point of reference, remember we are just a phone call away 01451-810595 when you need us.

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How long have you been in diamonds?

We are a second generation family firm that has been in the diamond and jewellery industry since 1968. For 25 years we manufactured for the trade and our big export markets were Australia, Germany and the States. We were the first online jeweller in the U.K. and our InterNet experience predates the World Wide Web, goodness the InterNet was a lonely place in those early days. Google ‘diamondgeezer.com reviews’

Where is your office located?

Our offices and 3,500 square foot dedicated, state-of-the-art workshop are located in Bourton-on-the-Water in the glorious Cotswolds, England. However we happily ship to all parts of the world and do so every day.

Of course as a pure play internet company our showroom is anywhere that you and your computer/device are: your desk, your phone, your sofa, even your bath! All this is supported by our qualified team of diamond and jewellery experts just waiting to take your call and provide expert one-to-one help and guidance.

Let’s chat, +44 1451 810595

How do you source your diamonds?

The 210,878 certificated diamonds featured on DiamondGeezer.com today were listed by C.S.O (DeBeer’s) diamond site holders, that’s the people who cut the rough. No matter where they are in the world they are able to list their inventories using our powerful, bespoke and unique software which we started developing in 1994. The price you, the customer pays for the diamond is set by the site holders/cutters and we take a fee from them, rather than the traditional margin from you the consumer. The cutters are acutely aware of, and can see each other’s listings and price aggressively to win the business. It’s a comparative shopping model which must make us the ‘comparethemeerkat ®’ of diamonds.

No Blood Diamonds Here
The diamonds on this site and those that we sell have been purchased from legitimate sources, have not been involved in funding any conflict and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We DiamondGeezer.com hereby guarantee that these diamonds are conflict free, based on written guarantees provided by the suppliers of our diamonds.

Is Diamond Geezer a registered trade mark?

‘Diamond Geezer’® is a registered E.U Trade mark


As the brand gets stronger and stronger DiamondGeezer.com has to continually contend with those that pass themselves off as DiamondGeezer.com or give the impression that they are connected with DiamondGeezer.com .

The Antipodean websites diamondgeezer.co.nz and diamondgeezer.com.au are NOTHING to do with DiamondGeezer.com and there is no connection. This includes websites directly connected with diamondgeezer.co.nz E.G polisheddiamonds.co.nz and others. DiamondGeezer.com does not necessarily agree with or support certain comments and opinions expressed on the aforementioned websites.

‘TRIPLE X’® is a registered trade mark licenced to DiamondGeezer.com


Do you have a retail store located near me?

DiamondGeezer.com is a pure play etailer and we do not operate from shops or retail locations, we are manufacturers and you are buying directly from the manufacturer, which cuts out middle-man mark-ups.

Our qualified diamond experts and design team are available to speak with you and will provide a high level of informed, impartial advice which so many have found so very helpful. DiamondGeezer.com do not need an expensive retail store, it has been proven that we can serve customers better, afford them more time and keep them better informed using today’s technology and our highly advanced, refined and exclusive systems. With vastly lower overheads than high street jewellery shops, DiamondGeezer.com provides outstanding value for money by passing its efficiency savings onto you, the customer.

Talk to us, if you are still convinced that you would benefit from a personal visit then you are most welcome to organise an appointment.
Let’s chat, +44 1451 810595

Buying From The ’Net?

Five important things to consider ……………

    1. Buying an important piece on-line certainly requires a change of culture, more we suggest than a huge leap of faith.
    1. Think of your card payment as the bond that allows us to send you a piece of significant value on approval for 30 days.
    1. If we don’t do our job correctly the card company will soon whip your money back, before we get a right of reply.
    1. Interestingly, if you use a credit card we’ll have the item with you long before you have to part with any money at all.
    1. The ‘distant selling’ laws that we have to abide by are much stricter than those that are applied to a traditional retailer.

So the irony is you are actually better protected buying on-line and further irony, you lose that high level of protection if you buy from an on-line company’s showroom, as you will no longer be protected by ‘distant selling’ laws. Your call of course, but if your need is met by limited selection, high price premiums, mass-produced product and no returns policy, then traditional shopping is for you ;-). The alternative is unlimited selection, bespoke design and manufacture, 30 days to make your mind up and all in the comfort of your own home and of course that all comes with unmatched quality, price and value. Just read what our clients say in our independent reviews http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/www.diamondgeezer.com/ and you will quickly realise that buying on-line comes with so many advantages. According to the independent review service TrustPilot, DiamondGeezer.com is the InterNet’s favourite jeweller and our qualified and talented team are standing by ready to help you in your decision process and making a very special piece just for you. You will be the first and only person to try on your DiamondGeezer.com diamond ring, wedding ring or item of jewellery.

Let’s chat, +44 1451 810595

Buying Diamonds via the InterNet

Don’t think of it as buying from the InterNet, the ‘Net is just were we happened to meet, where we were introduced. We are a highly qualified, highly rated, highly recommended family owned and run manufacturing jeweller with the best part of 50 years in jewellery design and manufacture. Commission us to make your engagement ring and you will be working with and buying from masters of design, CAD-CAM, rapid prototyping and 3D printing, huge investments in technology which all ensure absolute precision and quality. True we may never meet in person but we will talk and communicate more than you can expect or ever get from traditional shopping or elsewhere on the ‘Net. We keep you involved, informed and in the loop. As you follow the production of your special piece around our workshop, you will become more informed, more aware and delight in being part of the whole procedure. Shop with us and you will relish being involved in the whole exciting process, an experience that few can match. We’re a ‘people’ company and we’re all about building relationships. Google ‘diamondgeezer.com reviews’

Don’t I need to see the diamond before I buy it?

May we assume that you are not a diamond expert and in all probability this is the first and most important diamond you have considered buying? As diamond experts with 50 years in the business, we are unsure exactly what you would expect to see or learn by looking at a diamond with an untrained eye, goodness it takes a trainee gemmologist a few days just to learn how to hold and use a jeweller’s loupe, the magnifying glass, correctly 😉 So surely what you really need is expert, impartial advice and we suggest strongly that the information you require is actually better ascertained by studying and understanding the diamond certificate rather than looking at a diamond. Consider a G.I.A certificate; first and foremost it is totally independent of the seller, the G.I.A is an impartial professional body of experts, they don’t sell diamonds. The G.I.A’s mission is to ensure the public trust in gems and jewellery by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development. Here is your impartial expert; a G.I.A diamond certificate contains every last detail of the diamond excepting the colour of the eyes of the human being who cut it. Understanding the attributes and definitions listed in the certificate is what is going to enable you to make the required, informed and confident decision which will match you with your perfect diamond.

Talk To Us: Free phone 08080-DIAMOND that’s 08080-341666 or 01451-810595 (from a mobile) we have competent gemmologists and jewellery experts available 12 hours a day, ready to share impartial, informed and free qualified help and advice without obligation. Let us help you understand the certificate and the diamond it is defining.

How do I know it’s the diamond on the certificate?

The simplest way is to check the certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, most but not all diamonds now have this feature. In the absence of the laser inscription, which will be mentioned on the certificate, the dimensions and the diamond are a reasonably solid guide. Interestingly you can check diamond certificates 24/7 at the laboratory’s websites e.g. http://www.gia.edu/

Diamond Certification
DiamondGeezer.com would argue that diamond certification is essential on diamonds over a certain weight. When we talk about diamond certification we are referring to an independent fee based report produced by one of the recognised gemmological laboratories, they don’t sell jewellery, they are expert, have high level equipment and they are impartial. We are not talking about any other type of document branded or claiming to be a Diamond Certificate. We use the following diamond certification labs., in order of strictness the GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, & EGL. Certification is NOT standard, is not a requirement, is entirely a jeweller’s option to offer certification or not and it does cost money. Certification adds cost and therefore premium but it also adds value. Certification is not obligatory unlike the log book of a motor car, however diamond certification is desirable and we would argue essential on stones over a certain weight. On smaller diamonds or diamonds that are not economically viable to certificate DiamondGeezer.com does supply a Certificate of Authenticity which is a document we produce confirming and standing by what we have supplied and specified.

Which diamond certification labs. are best?

The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) are the organisation that came up with diamond certification in the 1930’s and are still respected as the leading authority and the strictest laboratory. It is a given that each time we match a client with a GIA certificated diamond, their expectations are exceeded. Not surprisingly our strongest recommendation is a GIA certified diamond.

To offer variety and complete the picture, we also sell diamonds certificated by The International Gemmological Institute (IGI), The American Gems Society (AGS), The HRD from Antwerp and The European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL), all are independent diamond grading laboratories. It is somewhat confusing that they all use the same terms and adjectives to define a diamond’s attributes but the definitions and delineations of those terms may have slightly varying requirements to that of the GIA. You will hear us using terms like ‘GIA Si1 clarity’ as opposed to a ‘EGL Si1 clarity’, clearly implying that they are two different things and should be judged on their own merits. Our diamond experts are on hand to bring clarity and guidance.

What are the ‘Four C’s?

The ‘Four C’s is a standard introduced by DeBeers marketing department in the mid 20th Century. It stands for Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Each of these is an industry standard defined by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) in the 1930s. Carat is the weight of the diamond, not to be confused with size of the diamond. Clarity is just that, the poorer the clarity the more inclusions, elegantly referred to as nature’s fingerprints and this means corruption of the light play. Flawless is the best clarity and it takes a very keen eye to see visible marks in diamonds with VS, that’s Very Slight clarity and above. Colour is graded from D through to Z, with D being the best a girl can get. Cut is graded from Excellent to Poor and is based on the quality of the cut, which is the only improvement provided by man of course. All of the four C’s affect the standing of the diamond so the better the cut, clarity, colour and carat the better quality, the rarer the diamond, the higher the price and the stronger the sparkle of the diamond. At DiamondGeezer.com we believe that its time to add a fifth ‘C’ and that is Certificate. which brings with it the 6th ‘C’, confidence.

What does ‘Eye Clean’ mean?

The term ‘Eye Clean’ is trade vernacular suggesting that you can’t see the marks with the naked eye. When talking about a GIA certificated diamond this is usually suggested at Si1 clarity and above. With other less strict certifications you may need to raise the clarity code to achieve ‘Eye Clean’. As gemmologists and diamond purists DiamondGeezer.com thinks that ‘Eye Clean’ is a misplaced idiom which we do use to provide a common reference point. It is not a matter of you being able to see the marks, if the diamond has marks no matter how small then that diamond’s scintillation and brilliance will be compromised.

Surely Tiffany diamonds are better than yours?

None of the famous brands, Tiffany, Cartier, DeBeers, Graff or DiamondGeezer.com can improve the quality of a diamond, nature does its bit over a period of 40 million years, then it’s down to the skill of the cutter, that’s a man not a machine, to cut the stone to best showcase the natural beauty and in doing so deliver that fire, scintillation and life that has mesmerised man since prehistoric times. All the famous jewellery houses sell diamonds of different qualities and values, including DiamondGeezer.com, the diamond certificate is your validation document, not a little blue box.

We do have a section dedicated to D colour Internally Flawless diamonds and Triple X ® is a registered trade mark of DiamondGeezer.com. Triple X ® is a reference to the excellence which is a diamond with excellent symmetry, polish and cut, spectacular stones that light up the room.

What is ‘Sparkle Factor’?

What is Sparkle Factor ®
Our unique software uses unique and very complicated algorithms, which we developed, to cut through the technical jargon of diamond grading and scores a diamond on attributes that only contribute to sparkle. Those results are converted into a simple to understand percentage figure. Anything over 75% is very good, over 85% is better and over 90% is best, outstanding. The average diamond on the High Street would score just 60% but the Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lighting works very well 😉

Consider this, when man first picked up a diamond from some river bed 40,000 years ago, we don’t suppose he said ‘Now that’s big’, however it is very likely he did say ‘Wow now that sparkles’

Do you sell laser treated, clarity or colour enhanced Diamonds?

No, all our diamonds are natural, the only enhancement administrated by man is the actual cutting of the stone

Are any of the gemstones you sell heat treated?

Probably every cut coloured stone in the world is heat treated and that is a reference to every coloured stone not just every coloured stone that we sell. They are natural in that they are mined, they come out of the ground, but heat treating is and always has been an accepted process to bring out and show off the best that nature has produced. Heat treating is not a process that improves a coloured stone’s quality, it can’t raise a stone’s quality above another, it just flatters the coloured stone’s natural quality, in the same way that French polishing a piece of wood does.

What if I need help placing an order?

Pick that phone up and dial 01451-810595 we’re a consultative company with a team of highly qualified and experienced gemmologists, diamond experts and jewellers waiting to take your call. We may be a pure-play etailer but we like to talk to clients. If you can’t talk now CLICK HERE and text-chat live with one of our diamond specialists.

How do I find my ring size?

Free Ring Sizer

CLICK HERE and request your free ring sizer from DiamondGeezer.com. Just fill out the form here and we will send you a ring sizer today. If you are ordering a ring as a surprise do not worry, or spoil the surprise, we offer to resize the ring for free anyway and enclose a temporary ring-clip which you can fit so that she can wear the ring on the day.

Can I order securely by telephone?

We are very much a people company, we like to talk to our clients, so the telephone is actually our preferred ordering method. That said you can order securely through the website and we will always follow your order up with an introductory telephone call, unless, in the interest of secrecy you specifically ask us not to.

Can I track my order?

To track the progress of your order at any time 24/7, CLICK HERE or the link on the footer of every page, there are 12 processes to most orders and we’ll be keeping you informed by text and email anyway.

What if I need to change my order or delivery date?

For any questions about your order call us on 01451-810595 and speak to one of the team or send an e-mail to sparkle@diamondgeezer.com. Alternatively the answer to your question may be found on your order tracker. To track the progress of your order, CLICK HERE but don’t be alarmed if there is no progress for a couple of days, expect your order to stop and start as it works it way around the workshop and joins the queue for the next available artisan.

Can you deliver to a different delivery address to my billing address?


Where do you ship?

We ship the world, as the Americans say.

How long after I place my order will I receive my goods?

We’d like 10 working days, but talk to us we will accommodate your plans

How will my order be packaged?

We post by Royal Mail Special Delivery, so the outer wrapping is anonymous and has no reference to the online brand; in fact it deliberately looks very boring and uninteresting. There is a protective plain outer box, which protects our unique presentation box……………
The DiamondGeezer.com Box
The presentation box, with its outer sleeve makes no reference to the online brand or the website, it does have that logo on the lid.

Don’t like our box?

Cheap Ring Box
No problem, we’ll send you an alternative box, assuming you let us know.

What if I don’t know the ring size at time of order?

Please don’t get bogged down with this, don’t risk ruining the surprise or diluting the occasion, don’t let not knowing the finger size get in the way of the selection. Sizing a properly made quality ring is not a problem, not an issue and does no harm. We and good jewellers all around the world do it everyday. We offer a free* next day sizing service on all rings we make, including engagement rings and we include a ring sizer and handy temporary ring clip, which allows her to wear the ring, in every pack.

* You pay the postage: £18 covers both ways, we pay for the resizing and administration costs: £60, fair enough?

What if I order the wrong finger size?

Don’t worry, DiamondGeezer.com offer one free ring resizing service. Just pop the ring back in the post and we will resize the ring and get it back to you by return post. It’s all explained here

* You pay the postage, we pay for the resizing and administration costs

I had a jeweller size my finger, is finger sizing standard?

Some jewellers measure to the leading edge of a ring, other’s to the centre.

Ring Sizers
If you gave them a ring to measure and they dropped it on to a ring-stick No. 1 in the picture then the assumption is that the ring size is to the leading edge. If they measured your finger with ring keys, no.2 in the image then the finger size will be measured to the centre. Our ring sizers, indeed most ring sizers measure to the middle. We offer free ring sizing, it’s a next day service, we have it covered.

Free Ring Sizer

CLICK HERE and request your free ring sizer from DiamondGeezer.com. Just fill out the form and we will send you a ring sizer today. If you are ordering a ring as a surprise do not worry or spoil the surprise, we offer to resize the ring for free anyway and enclose a temporary ring-clip which you can fit so that she can wear the ring on the day and one of our ring sizers to accurately measure his/her finger.

Are your products hallmarked?

Hallmarking - its the law!
Please be aware that the independent, individual piece-by-piece testing and hallmarking by one of the 4 U.K assay offices and the Dublin assay office in Eire is a legal requirement in the U.K and Eire. The hallmark is your warranty not only of the metal type but of the purity of the bullion. It is also a solid assurance that the piece is nickel and cadmium free. This is an official process and stamp that you will not get from retailers or ‘etailers outside the U.K and Eire.

Why can’t I see the hallmark?

The assay offices used to stamp the assay or hallmark into rings and onto jewellery, now they laser mark. These laser marks are smaller, fainter and more difficult to see than the old fashioned marks, they are there, you may need an eye-glass to see them. They also are very shallow and do wear off. Re-hallmarking is a service we do offer

What are your metal purities?

Platinum and Palladium
We only sell 950 purities, that is 95% pure Platinum and Palladium. Qualities as low as 500, just 50% pure are common locally i.e. in the U.K and from non U.K and Eire counties, notably America.

18ct. Gold, all colours
Are all 75% pure (750) which is the legal standard in the U.K

9ct. Gold, all colours
Are all 37.5% pure (375) which is the legal standard in the U.K

Sterling Silver
Is 92.5% pure (825) which is the legal standard in the U.K

Can you engrave my ring?

YES, we offer a complimentary engraving service on wedding and engagement rings. You choose the font or if you would like it done in your own hand-writing call us 01451-810595

Will you set my diamond in one of your rings?

YES, with pleasure, its something we do everyday and have been doing since the late 1960s

Can I place a diamond on hold?

YES, with pleasure, you need to call us on 01451-810595 to place a formal hold on a diamond.

Which items are eligible for the 30-day money back guarantee?

Money Back
Let’s make it really easy
Unless otherwise specifically stated all items are eligible for the 30-day money back guarantee.
Check our simple terms

Do you provide valuations for insurance for your jewellery?

We can organise and arrange for your piece to be independently valued. This valuation is performed by I.G.R, they don’t make or sell jewellery and are therefore totally impartial. I.G.R do have the largest jewellery valuation department in the U.K. Expect independent valuations to follow up to four weeks after you receive your item. You will receive your valuation certificate by email and a card copy by post. This document and the valuers are approved by the insurance companies.

There is a £75 cost.

Do you make custom jewellery?

OH YES, we love to design and manufacture special pieces and we do so everyday. We have 5 jewellery designers in house, the very latest computer-aided-design software, rapid prototyping machines and 3D printing. Few are better placed to create a bespoke piece especially and exclusively for you. Watch the movie.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit or debit cards via the secure Sagepay platform, you can pay by Paypal or bank transfer

You can also apply for finance through V12, to do so click the V12 logo on every product detail page for an instant quote and decision.

We are PCI compliant, few are!

When will my card be billed?

Payment in full is charged at time of order. We’ll have the piece with you before you have to part with any money to your credit card.

Can I pay for my order on two different cards?

Certainly, use as many as you like.

Do you offer finance?

Yes we do, simply chose the V12 finance option at the checkout and select the payment plan that suits you.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes all prices are inclusive of sales taxes, we don’t have any hidden extras, which means of course that if you are outside the E.U or in the Channel Islands we will refund you that VAT and the current VAT rate is 20%

What is your returns policy?

All of our rings and jewellery, except if specified are open to a 30-day returns policy, by the time you receive the piece you will appreciate that we do make very fine jewellery and are best placed to meet your needs. However if it doesn’t tick all the boxes then we will tweak, change, exchange or if we fail you, refund in full. We will also refund in full if she says NO to you when you pop the question! The item must be returned with its original packaging, unworn and undamaged with all its original documents and certificates in mint condition to receive a full refund.

We are only too happy to make changes to the mounts, settings and diamonds if you receive the item and wish to make adjustments. We charge only for extra metal or extra diamond costs etc. This is usually a next day service. If the ring doesn’t fit then we resize for free and have it back to you by return of post. Click here to make a return

CLICK HERE read our returns policy in more detail.

Is shopping with you secure?

Very much so, in fact more than most. We are fully PCI compliant and in spite of it being the law so many are not. Every quarter our website is fully and independently audited and certificated.

Click to check the current certificate.

Are your prices the very best?

Well if they are not, we will price match

Value v. Price
It’s not just about price, we continually check our prices and are confident that we offer the best price, of course if you know better we will match any price and value. It’s very easy to produce a low quality product, to cut corners and reduce costs and therefore price. DiamondGeezer.com is not about perceived value but genuine value which is reflected in the quality of the products we produce and the level of our customer and after sales service. Ours is a ‘value proposition’, it’s about so much more than just price.

Hint: What a large dressy ring but buying on a budget? Then think COLOURED STONE

Why do you charge for postage if I return a ring for sizing?

At time of order we agreed that if you pay the postage, both ways and a contribution to the insurance, which totals circa £18 we would provide
the £60 of labour free of charge, that seems like a pretty good deal to us and is standard industry practice. We made the ring to the size you requested, if you got it wrong, its not a problem and we are happy to correct it and quickly, few are able to offer the next day service which we do. Postage and insurance of a valuable item is not cheap, its excellent value, but not cheap.

Of course we could add the cost to every ring and proclaim ‘Free Postage’ and we know that is a common practice among our competitors but we feel that is at best, devious and more precisely, dishonest and would ‘tax’ customers that didn’t need or use the service. No one expects Marks and Spencer to pay their petrol or car parking costs when they return an item, surely its exactly the same thing?

Can you size a ring with diamonds or a design running right around the band?

Most can’t, we usually can and seamlessly. This skill and service is testiment to what we have built and the skill-set we have in house. Of course if the ring requires more diamonds or materials there may be a small premium for sizing.

Its is true that 18 carat white gold rings never tarnish?

NO, they definitely will, gold is of course yellow not white, white gold is made by mixing 18 parts gold with 6 parts of a white metal, a little like making green paint by mixing 18 parts blue with 6 parts yellow, you don’t get a green paint, you get a sludgy blue. It’s exactly the same with white gold, so it is industry standard to rhodium plate the white gold to give it its showroom condition and it is the wearing-off of the plating that creates the tatty look. It’s simple enough to refinish and indeed it is a next service from DiamondGeezer.com.

However there is a permanent solution – buy platinum, the noblest of metals.

Is it true that precious metals, like gold and platinum don’t scratch, bend or dent?

No, it’s a complete and utter myth that precious metals don’t scratch, dent and distort with wear, they do. Precious or noble metals have special qualities and are more durable than most but expect your ring to get scratched in wear, expect rhodium plating to require refinishing, expect satin finishes to require regular refurbishment and expect claws to catch and distort and require periodic checking. However please be assured that what we are describing are not disasters, not catastrophes. Simple periodic maintenance, routines and our established, efficient procedures will ensure that when your rings and jewellery need a little T.L.C our next day service will have them back to you
on a next day service in showroom condition, job-done.

CLICK HERE to book a valet service.

Is it true that diamonds never fall out of rings and jewellery?

YES it is true, diamonds never fall out of rings, they are only ever pushed. It’s a difficult message to deliver but there has to be some
compromise to dislodge a stone, a ring can’t be worn for days, weeks, months or years without a problem and then a stone suddenly fall out without there being some change or challenge to the setting. You could put a diamond ring on a table and watch it for a thousand years and nothing would happen to it, catch the setting badly once, in a nano second and the stone is liberated. Of course given that number of rings out there, given the number that we alone have actually made over the years it is mathematically very rare to lose a stone, unless of course it happens to you, but it’s not a problem, it’s an insurance claim.

We’re here to help.

Do you clean or provide care for the jewellery you make and sell?

YES, all of our jewellery comes with a guarantee and we offer routine checks, ‘M.O.T.’s’ and full valet services to ensure all of our jewellery is still in
perfect condition. It’s a next day service and costs just £45.

CLICK HERE to book a valet

What about Insurance?

NO we do not provide jewellery insurance as we are not members of the Financial Services Authority, however we do work closely with and
recommend T.H March who provide specialist insurance cover which is flexible, practical and affordable.

Quote REF: AD102T when talking to T.H March about one of our products. Any item we make and sell that has a certificated diamond is supplied with an insurance appraisal provided by us. If you would prefer an independent impartial valuation then we will organise that £75 option for you as part of the order process. This type of valuation is performed by the IGR, they don’t make or sell jewellery and are therefore totally impartial. The IGR do have the largest jewellery valuation department in the U.K. Expect independent valuations to follow up to four weeks after you receive your item. You will receive your valuation certificate by email.

When are phone lines open?

Our diamond experts are at the end of the phone during these times:

Officially: between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Usually:  between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday
Often: between 7am and 6pm 7 days a week

If you see this tab bottom left of screen, then we are available, click to chat.

If you see this screen bottom right, then do leave a message, we will respond quickly

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Let’s chat +44 1451 810595 | Live Text Chat