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We are the designers and manufacturers of our jewellery
We are the designers and manufacturers of the diamond rings and jewellery you are about to explore. It's all made on the premises in our state-of-the-art workship.

We can make whatever you desire and make it quickly. FREE PHONE 08080-DIAMOND for a free, impartial consultation, let's talk diamonds, let's talk design and let's talk now. Our team of 5 design gurus are masters of the latest cad-cam design systems. Our fine, high quality jewellery is the result of a magical fusion between latest technology and traditional 300 year old hand-skills. CLICK HERE

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Engagement Rings - Diamond Solitaire

Select your engagement ring, then match it with your perfect diamond

Engagement Rings - Trilogy or 3 Stone Diamond Rings

We'll make your Trilogy diamond ring with the diamonds or coloured stones of your choice, in your finger size & in your chosen metal. We design & manufacture all of our trilogy diamond rings in our award-winning workshop & they can be made & delivered in 7-10 working days. The featured ring will be the most viewed, the most popular at this time.  Explore over 130 designs of 3 diamond rings....

Halo Engagement Rings - Diamond Halo or Micro Pavé Rings

Very much a style of our time these Halo, Micro Pavé or Miracle Pavé ® cluster engagement rings really do provide a perfect setting for the certified diamond of your choice. Each ring can take one full day of a setter's, that's a man not a machine, time to perfectly set & finish. It is generally recognised in the industry that we have some the best diamond setters in the trade and best placed to create these beautiful rings.

Engagement Rings - Diamond and Coloured Stone Rings

Whether an engagement ring, a dress ring or treating yourself to a special right-hand ring a large, even small coloured stone adds contrast, shazam and pizazz. Our in house designers are liberated by the huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Buy colour to assessorise, to indulge in the folklore or even mark a birth date

Bubble Rings - The right ring for the right hand

Make a Statement, time for something adventurous, bold, dressy and very much now, very much you. Its all about bling, all diamond or natural precious coloured stone. Anyway, any how, but absolutely now!

Wedding Rings for Her, for Him

Classical Plain Polish, Design Statement or Matching Wedding Ring Set, the wedding ring is the very symbol of your marriage and commitment to each other. All wedding rings are made in house, especially for you, which means that your wedding ring will not have been worn by anyone but you. We offer a specialty design service to match the wedding ring to your engagement ring.

Diamond Eternity Rings

Not the 'Maternity Ring', although often given at the birth of the first baby, but the Eternity Ring so called because the stones completely encompass the finger on the Tradition Full Eternity Ring and that never ending circle represents a 'never ending love'. It's true that now-a-days we make and sell more Half Eternity Rings which display all of the diamonds on show all of the time.

Men's Rings - Mengagement Rings

Times have changed and now more and more women are expecting their men to mark the engagement as well and wear a mengagement ring. Our stunning men's rings work perfectly for civil partnerships and a self-purchase right-hand ring as well of course. Have fun exploring this important new section, our designers have not be timid in their approach to this new and growing market.

Diamond Earrings

Our best selling, most popular earring is the 4 claw diamond stud and they will be on top of very lady's diamond shopping list. Click the MORE button and select your very own diamonds from over 236,930 certificated diamonds listed by the diamond site-holders (the cutters) on today.

Diamond Pendants the Classics

Ah, any diamond shape, any diamond size, the classic 4-claw simple diamond pendant, every girl wants one, so no surprise that it is our most popular diamond necklace. Click the MORE button and make your personal diamond selection from over 236,930 certificated diamonds detailed on today.

Designer Pendants & Necklaces

Currently a 'Work-in-Progress' watch this section grow through the day as we add our new designs.

Diamond Bracelets - Tennis Bracelets

The Diamond 'Tennis Bracelet' or 'Diamond Line Bracelet' remains hugely fashionable and has remained so since its was made famous in 1987 by tennis pro Chris Everett when she broke the diamond bracelet she was wearing while on court. Select your diamond bracelet from a range of widths and diamond weights set in a traditional claw or contemporary bezel or rub-over setting. The bracelet featured is the popular choice at this time.

A Fine Selection of Gold or Silver Earrings

From 9ct. Gold Sleeper earrings at less than £20 through classic knot-studs and on to elaborate highly fashionable drop earrings with a diamond accent, whatever your needs you will find the perfect gift or self-purchase in this fascinating section of the site.

Irresistible Italian Fashion Bangles

Select from 9ct., 18ct. Gold or Sterling Silver, we have put together a selection of modern bangles for him or her. Explore the different noble metals and the different metal finishes you will be amazed and the sstunning effects that have been achieved with what have previously been thought of industrial processes more suited to the automobile industry. Prices start from under ?50 and all the bangles come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

New Über Jewel collection £199

We first design the pieces using the same exacting standards as if they were to be made of natural diamonds costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Then we take first class materials, sterling silver and the finest man-made simulated diamonds with Triple X® cut, symmetry and polish. We then make them using the same skill set required to make a fine diamond piece, over half a days labour just to pavé set the stones.

Hallmarked Sterling Silver Cufflinks

For centuries, cufflinks have been worn by gentlemen and now ladies. They add style and elegance to dress completely but are much more form than function. They indicate attention to detail, care and panache. Cufflinks are a true sign of style, civility and of course are the perfect accessory for business or dress and that makes them the perfect gift for the wedding officials.

MAX XL Oversized Sports Watches

This data is live, this featured watch is the best selling model in the collection at this time. Oversized watches are very much 'of the moment' and MAX XL from the Netherlands are especially exciting. These are excellent time pieces with a two year International Guarantee.