History Created by the Record Breaking Diamonds

Attraction towards the magnificent jewels is always high among the people. This is very true, to the case of the Orange Diamond as well, which is considered as one of the rarest diamonds. Diamonds are found rarely in orange colour. However, purely orange coloured diamonds are the rarest diamonds. It’s easy to assume the value of these pieces of diamonds by knowing that the 14.82 carat diamond in orange colour has a pre-sale estimate of $17 million. By having this information, it is easy to expect that these rare coloured pieces of diamonds wouldn’t be available at auction normally. Amongst the vivid orange coloured diamonds that has been sold at auction has been recorded less than 6 carats, as the largest one.

Sizes of the Orange Diamonds

Intense orange colour diamonds, popularly known as fire diamonds that are rarely found in the earth are the eye-catching creations of the nature. After cutting and polish, these rare pieces of diamonds are found in not bigger than three to four carat by its size. It has been recorded that 16 years ago, an orange colour diamond has been sold at an auction against $1.3 million, which was a Pumpkin Diamond of 5.54 carats. The outstanding pieces of orange diamonds are not only considered as the rarely available diamonds, but also the priceless diamonds as well for the unavailability of these precious jewels. Irrespective of their sizes, all of these diamonds are valuable for everyone, especially who is fond of the rarely available Record Breaking Diamonds. It’s needless to say that these magnificent creations of the earth are eye-captivating by its look too.

Why it is Priceless?

When there is hardly any scope to compare the value of the rarely found orange diamonds, then it must be the priceless one. Nothing can be the suitable value to buy these pieces of spectacular diamonds. The charm that is in these diamonds is found nowhere else. It grabs everyone’s eye by its attractive look, colour, shape, and size. In addition, the scarcity of these diamonds in the earth has added to its price, which has ultimately made these diamonds the priceless pieces of diamonds. In a public auction, therefore, you may get overwhelmed by knowing the offering price of any of these special coloured diamonds. The ever increasing popularity of these special diamonds has also contributed a lot in making these the precious ones. Once you get the opportunity to own any of these pieces of diamonds, you will make no scope to lose it.

The largest fancy vivid orange diamond

Do you know about the largest fancy vivid orange diamond? Denis Hayoun Diode SA Geneva is the largest fancy vivid orange diamond, which you will find ever at an auction to buy. This is not only a wonderful piece amongst the top orange diamonds but this can be considered as one of the Record Breaking Diamonds as well. It will not be an exaggeration to say that getting the direct touch of this rare piece of orange diamond is similar to getting the real touch of your hero.

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Expensive Diamonds and Broken Records

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!

Diamond and fine jewellery auction houses such as Sotherby’s and Christie’s see some of the most remarkable diamonds, gems and jewellery come through their doors. Therefore it is not surprising that these beautiful stones have broken a number of records. A few fancy coloured stones or flawless colourless diamonds sold at auction have the title of the most expensive diamond sold at auction. At DiamondGeezer.com we have come up with a list of the top ten most expensive diamonds which can also be known as the top ten list of diamonds we should like to own….. if money was no object of course!

The Worlds Most Expensive Diamonds at Auction


The Argyle Phoenix

Expensive Diamonds, Argyle Phoenix
1.56 ct.
£1.02m per carat
The Argyle Phoenix Diamond is one of the largest Fancy Red diamonds to be sold at auction and broke the record for the highest price per carat for a Diamond from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in August 2013. The 1.56cts. round diamond is rare indeed with it’s red colouring.

Vivid Green Diamond

expensive diamonds, the vivid green
2.52 ct.
£750,000 per carat
The largest vivid green diamond at 2.52cts. to ever be sold at auction! The buyer of the diamond remained anonymous but with its stunning colouring and cushion cut it is no surprise that Sotherby’s Auction House got the stone into the record books in December 2009 as the most expensive Vivid Green Diamond ever sold.

Sun-Drop Diamond

expensive diamonds, sun drop diamond
110.3 ct.


per carat

The 110.3ct. diamond is one of the largest stones to appear at auction, especially considering its fancy vivid yellow colouring. Sotherby’s broke more records with the Sun-Drop diamond when it was bought by an anonymous buyer in Geneva. The pear-shaped stone was found in South Africa in 2010 before going to auction in November 2011.

Heart Shaped Diamond

56 ct.

£121,000 per carat

The colourless internally flawless heart shaped diamond is without doubt a stunner at 56cts. In 2011 Christie’s Auction House broke records with the diamond becoming the most expensive heart shaped diamond ever sold. The  combination of nature and the cutters craftsmanship created a beautiful diamond with excellent symmetry. 

The Chloe Diamond

Chloe Diamond
112 ct.
£94,000 per carat
The Chloe Diamond was the largest colourless round brilliant cut diamond to make it to auction in November 2007. The Sotherby’s sale in Geneva broke the record for the highest price per carat on a colourless diamond at the time and the buyer George Marciano, decided to name the diamond after his daughter.

The Wittelsbach Blue

Expensive diamonds, Whittelbach blue
35.6 ct.


per carat

In December 2008, jeweller Laurence Graff bought The Wittelsbach Diamond at Christie’s auction in London. Rich in history the vivid blue diamond traces back to Bavarian Royalty. Much to the dismay of historians Graff had the diamond re-cut. Some described it as ‘unrecognizable’ after loosing more than 4 carats of its original 35.56 carats to increase clarity and colour.

The Winston Legacy

The Winston Legacy, Expensive Diamonds
101 ct.

£166,000 per carat

American jewellers Harry Winston bought one of the largest D-Flawless Diamonds to go to auction in Geneva in May 2013. The colourless diamond found in De Beer’s Jwaneng mine broke the previous record for price per carat of colourless diamonds. They stone was named Winston Legacy due to the tradition of the jewellers only ever buying the best and this diamond is certainly up there with the best.

The Orange

The Orange, Expensive Diamonds
14.82 ct.


per carat

The largest fancy vivid orange diamond in human knowledge was sold at Christe’s Auction in November 2013. The pear shaped diamond broke the record for price per carat of any coloured diamond and holds the world record for the most expensive orange diamond sold at the Geneva based sale. The remarkable stone is exceptionally rare with few orange diamonds found over six carats.

The Graff Pink

The Graff Pink, Expensive Diamonds


per carat

The rare vivid pink diamond broke all the records in Sotherby’s sale in Switzerland in 2010 becoming the most expensive single jewel ever sold at the time. The emerald cut diamond has been mounted in a ring with two colourless diamond either side and was bought by London based jeweller Laurence Graff who named the diamond the Graff Pink upon purchase.

The Pink Dream

The Pink Dream, Expensive Diamonds

£866,000 per carat

Earlier in November 2013, a 59.60ct. oval cut ‘Pink Star’ diamond mined by De Beer’s smashed through all previous records set. The Sotherby’s Geneva based sale sold the flawless fancy pink diamond for £51.7 million. The largest diamond of its type was reportedly purchased by an anonymous buyer who turned out to be diamond cutter Isaac Wolf and renamed the diamond the Pink Dream.

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Diamond Decorations: The Bling Factor

Rolls Royce Diamond Car

The world is no stranger to all sorts of everyday object having that extra sparkle with diamond decorations. This week paraded in front of our very eyes was the new Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom. Launched at the Dubai motor show Rolls Royce has seemingly departed from their usual understated elegance and gone all out with the “bling”.

The new phantom is diamond encrusted. Inside. The designers have liberally sprinkled 446 diamonds in the cabin of the car. Some in the privacy divide, some in the door capping and some in the centre console. Added to the ceiling showing a night sky one can understand the models name, Celestial.

Cars and diamonds are not strangers. At the same motor show this week in Dubai the first Arab super car, by Lebanon W motors, costing $3.5m has diamond encrusted headlights and in 2008 Saudi Prince Alwaleed customised his Mercedes with encrusted diamond decorations. The pimp job cost $48m and he charged $1000 just to touch it.

Strange Objects with Diamond Decorations

It Doesn’t Stop There

The world has seen diamond decorations on Game Boy’s and iPads and even guns! It seemed
to be infamous drug lord Lobo Valencia’s signature to decorate his guns with diamonds, with all 31 guns found by Mexican police, this was a spectacular find. We have seen shoes, handbags, purses and even belts and luggage.

Strangest of all were business cards encrusted with a carat of diamonds on each card and costing $1500, for  each individual card, which may set the perfect initial impression, but will also be setting you back quite a bit of dosh.

Diamond Grillz for teeth, studs in various parts of the body and tattoos have all been blinged up with diamond decorations. It seems extra sparkle is all the rage among the rich and famous.

Diamond decorations Iphone
Jeweller Stuart Hughes has routinely produced iPhones with gold and diamond decorations on cases. For the iPhone 5 though, he has created a case with 26 carats of black diamonds, along with a solid gold body cast with a further 600 white diamonds. And the Apple logo… well its made up of 53 diamonds.
The Skull
Diamond decorations skull
A famous item to be decorated with diamonds was artist Damien Hurst’s creation, a diamond encrusted skull. Estimated to value at $100m it is an actual skull of a 150 year old man with a huge number of different cut diamonds decorating it.
Diamond decorations toilet
Bathroom and interior design guru Jemal Wright created a diamond encrusted toilet. Well in actual fact they were Swarovski crystals mimicking diamonds, (so no real diamonds) but still impressively blingy. Imagine the price of this if it was made from real diamonds!
diamond decorations lingerie
Up to $15m
Now a popular tradition the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras, are made from diamonds and other precious stones, with the priciest set valued at $15m. Each year by one lucky Angel is selected to model the lingerie set in the annual catwalk.
The Dummy
diamond decorations dummy
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s first dummy included diamond decorations with a silver and platinum setting. A pricey item but one that her hollywood star parents could definitely afford, even if the rest of us will probaly be sticking to dummies made from ….. plastic!

Your Diamonds

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Second Marriage Engagement Rings Cost More

Your friends and family and even reporters will tell you how much you should spend on an engagement ring. On top of this it  has been reported widely in the press that men are likely to spend nearly 150% more on an engagement or wedding ring for their second marriage, and a further four times more than that on a third!

So a Second Marriage Equals a Better Ring

And the reasons are?

Well…..there are three main reasons why a second marriage engagement ring is more money.

Firstly it is thought that a man feels more confident, more secure in their second marriage than they did the first. They have learned the lessons and know how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes from first time round. This apparently accounts for 48% of the reasons given to a researcher for the higher price of the second marriage engagement ring.

38% of men also state that they are willing to pay, on average, a further £1,200 on a second marriage engagement ring, because they have more money due to a higher income than they did the first time round. They have more disposable wealth, it’s later in life, so more money to spend on a ring.

Interestingly 17% of the men asked said they payed more for a second wife’s engagement ring because she had more expensive tastes. She may also be more experienced in knowing exactly what she wants.

Ring Costs and Other Interesting Facts

At the first wedding the man chose the ring on his own in about half the cases, and in almost all they were heavily involved in the choice, it was a joint decision. With getting a ring for a second marriage only 30% of the bridegrooms stated they were heavily involved in the decision. This drops to 15% on the third marriage. Presumably by the fourth and fifth marriage they just thrust a handful of notes into the hands of their fiancée and go to the pub….. or pay a visit to their lawyer!

When it comes down to who pays for the wedding rings for a second marriage, the man is less likely to choose the rings but 92% of them will pay for it, far higher than the 60% at the first wedding.

8% of men cheekily recycled their first engagement ring and used it for their second marriage. Not sure how their brides to be felt about that.

These stats are similar across the world. This is not a phenomena that just relates to the UK or USA.

Are Second Marriages More Successful?

Research states that while 45% of first marriages end in divorce only 31% of second marriages fail. The main reasons given are that we learn from our mistakes, we are older the second time around and we understand the commitment more than we did and we are more confident of our own wants and needs.

second marriages lower divirce

Interestingly third and fourth marriages go the other way, with the chance of divorce increasing the more often you get married. I suppose at marriages 3 and 4 divorce has sadly become a fairly regular occurrence.

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Most Expensive Clothes Ever Made

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the easiest way to a woman’s heart? Well…. there is no easy way. But clothes are usually a winner and  they say Diamonds are forever so combining the two is surely going to get you points? We have come up with a list of the most expensive clothes ever made and most of them contain sparkling diamonds and other precious stones.

The List of the Most Expensive Clothes

The Golden Shirt
Most expensive clothing, golden short
In India this shirt was custom made from 3kg of 22 carat gold. Inspired by images of Indian Kings the owner of the shirt says it is the ultimate symbol of status and achievement. Perhaps not the most practical of items this shirt made entirely of gold can not be washed but it comes in at number 10 on the list of most expensive clothes.
The Diamond Men’s Suit
most expensive clothes suit
Liverpool based designer Stuart Hughes produced the most expensive suit in the world made from silk, cashmere wool and of course, diamonds. With a total of almost 500 G VS2 diamonds, each at 0.5 carats the suit weight in with a total of 240 carats it is not surprising this pricey suit makes it onto the list of most expensive clothes ever made.
8. ‘Designer Labels’ Coat
most expensive clothes coat
This coat was created using 7541 original designer labels. The concept was designed and created by Silke Wawro who spent three months sewing labels together including brands like Prada and Issey Miyake. The Coat is on display at a Museum in the Netherlands.
7. Secret Circus Jeans
most expensive clothes jeans
The most expensive pair of jeans in the world, may seem to be a classic design. It is the diamond detail on the back pocket which explains the price tag. With 15 high quality diamonds with a range of cuts, from Marquise to Princess it is no surprise the jeans broke the million dollar mark.
6. Ruby Slippers
Jewellery designers The House of Harry Winston commemorated the famous film The Wizard of Oz by creating a pair of ruby slippers. However ruby coloured slippers were not enough so the designers used 4,600 rubies weighing in at 1,350 carats and a total of 50 carats of diamonds to create the most expensive shoes ever made and have earned their place on the list of the most expensive clothes.
5. The Black Diamond Dress
Expensive clothes dress
British designer Debbie Wingham’s dress is made up of more than 50 black diamond’s as well as a stunning centerpiece of five carats of black diamonds. The rest of the embellishment is fine beading and delicate white diamonds set in white gold. The handmade dress is certainly one of a kind.
4. The ‘Royal’ Fantasy Bra
Most expensive clothes bra set
Victoria’s Secret have been creating the fantasy bra since Claudia Schiffer modeled the first design in 1996. The 2013 Royal Fantasy Bra was modeled by Candice Swanepoel and one of the most expensive bras of all times. With the bra and belt containing 4,200 diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires in 18ct. gold, and a 52ct. ruby centrestone it has a hefty price tag.
3. The Diamond Wedding Gown
most expensive clothes wedding dress
Wedding dress designer Renee Strausse and jeweller Martin Katz designed the most expensive known wedding dress in the world. With 150 carats in total adorning the dress the dress is widely known as the Diamond Wedding Gown is yet to find an owner.
2. The ‘Red Hot’ Fantasy Bra
most expensive clothes lingerie set
Another of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra created in 2000 and modeled by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen it is the most expensive bra set ever made. With 300 carats of Thai rubies on red satin the set made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive lingerie set ever made.
Top of the most expensive clothes list ever designed and made to date is the Abaya. It is also designed by British designer Debbie Wingham. The middle Eastern inspired dress is encrusted with 2000 stones including rare red diamonds, flawless white diamonds and the worlds largest red diamond.

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