Get to know more about who we are, what we do and how we do it by getting glimpse of our history and values. is now the well respected fine jewellery brand.

HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (60th) Commemorative Crown Keep Sake.

On 2nd June in 1953, the whole country joined in celebration for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Towns & villages all over England were holding street parties & there were people filling up the streets of London to watch the procession take place. That occasion will be marked in a similar way in June 2012 as the populace turn out to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (60th)

The designers have been busy exercising their skills in a slightly off-beat direction this week, to mark HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (60th).

As expected, marks the diamond jubilee.

HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (60th) Commemorative Crown keepsake Diamond Jubilee Crown.  It’s a keepsake, collector’s item, a Jubilee Souvenir a commemorative gift and future heirloom. Made of solid brass, plated in 18ct Gold, the Crown weighs 41 grams and stands  4cm high. Ideal corporate gift. A standalone ornament .Beautifully and accurately designed and engineered using the latest CAD-CAM technology this stunning, 4 cm high Diamond Jubilee commemorative keep sake is made of solid brass, plated with 18ct. Gold and then hand painted and finished. The ‘cap’ part of the crown is flocked-sprayed in a regal purple.  It is presented in an attractive Velvet Pouch reminiscent of a maundy money pouch.

The Crown which is available from Amazon at £39.95

Diamond Best Practice Principles

These practices ensure that the best practice is observed by our family firm.

Let’s talk diamonds | are committed to operating our businesses with a view to ensuring that consumers buying diamond jewellery are able to rely with confidence on the professional and ethical standards and technical skills of the gem diamond industry, taking account of the following:

  • Natural diamonds are objects of prestige, a luxury good, acquired for sentimental reasons and are regarded as items of value by the consumer
  • Diamonds are a unique item about which the consumer has limited expertise and consequently, in order to make an informed choice, the consumer is reliant on (i) the standards and integrity of the diamond industry, and (ii) information from the diamond industry as to cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and other attributes, including the application of any treatment *
  • The highest professional and ethical standards and technical skills are necessary to ensure that consumer trust is not misplaced and that the reputation of the gem diamond industry is maintained and enhanced
  • Consumers expect to purchase diamonds in their natural state, without any treatment, beyond the accepted skills of craftsmanship associated with their cutting and polishing and therefore the danger of non-disclosure of treatment of natural diamonds, and the passing off of partly or wholly synthetic diamonds and simulants as natural diamonds, is contrary to the interests of consumers
  • The injury and hardship suffered by local populations (and the potential for it) when conflicts arise in diamond producing areas are unacceptable, as is seeking to profit from such conflicts. are committed to operating our businesses in such a way that we neither engage in, nor encourage in any manner, the following practices which are regarded as unacceptable and against the public interest and that of the diamond industry:

  • Buying and trading rough diamonds from areas where this would encourage or support conflict and human suffering
  • The use of child labour
  • Practices which intentionally or recklessly endanger or harm the health or welfare of individuals
  • Conduct which conflicts with the principles set out in (1) above, thereby bringing the diamond industry into serious disrepute. are committed to the highest industry ethics including the following:

  • Action to address concerns arising out of the misuse of rough diamonds in support of conflict and regular discussions on other issues relevant to the gem diamond industry to enable appropriate and timely industry responses
  • The provision of proper working conditions (including the health, safety and well-being of workers)
  • The dignity of individuals and best practices to ensure the fair treatment of individuals Full compliance with international best practice and the related regulatory framework with respect to the environment
  • Full disclosure at all levels of the diamond distribution chain and, most importantly, to consumers, of all treatments to natural diamonds and with respect to wholly or partly synthetic stones and compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines published from time to time by the diamond industry’s governing bodies.

*Treatment; means any process, treatment or enhancement changing, interfering with and/or contaminating the natural appearance or composition of diamond. It includes colour (and decolourisation) treatment, fracture filling, laser and irradiation treatment and coating.

What Does ‘Diamond Geezer’ Mean?

The phrase ‘Diamond Geezer’ is London slang; the Oxford slang dictionary defines a ‘Diamond Geezer’ as ……

A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man. A commonly heard extension to ‘diamond’. [Mainly London use] meaning a good ‘solid’ reliable person.

Not a bad set of standards to live up to and in a somewhat traditional & stuffy industry, it’s a fun, ice-breaking brand name that you will not forget.
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We’re a second generation family firm & probably the most decorated online diamond jeweller, we’re proud of our many awards and accreditations and nearly 50 years in the diamond business we seem to be getting the hang of it, do please check our testimonials.


  • The gang here in the Cotswold head office & workshop – that’s administration, sales & diamond experts, technical, graphics and jewellery design.
  • Our jewellery artisans & experts in our 3,000 square feet state of the art workshop.
  • Our diamond partners in Antwerp, Israel, New York, China, India, Australia and Russia.
  • Our coloured stone partners in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India, Thailand and Hong Kong.
  • The D.T.C [De Beers]
  • The British Jeweller’s Association


  • Historically we manufactured for the trade, supplying our diamonds and diamond jewellery to the very best jewellery wholesalers and retailers, in the UK, Australia, the States and Germany
  • Now we are focused on making fine diamond rings & diamond jewellery for you, the consumer
  • 7 diamond specialists are on hand to talk to you and meet your needs
  • We have 3 in house jewellery designers and one of the most advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing facilities available
  • We have our own dedicated workshop and employ the most talented craftsmen
  • We manufacture everything that we sell and we manufacture it here in the U. K (U.K PLC needs the VAT & tax revenue)
  • We no longer have a retail store, we discovered that we can serve you better, afford you more time, offer you better value and keep you better informed when you buy online. Ironically with reference to returns, customer service, exchanges and refunds, you are better protected by consumer law when buying jewellery on line.
  • We are PCI compliant (credit card safe, CLICK for certificate). Why are more jewellery websites not CERTIFIED safe?


  1. Price, no better than that: VALUE
  2. The Business Model
  3. The Experience
  4. Design
  5. Quality
  6. Choice
  7. Care and Attention
  8. Service, contact, communication
  9. Knowledge
  10. History
  11. Reputation
  12. All products are manufactured in house
  13. We don’t buy in mass produced mounts
  14. Each piece is mastered to meet the precise diamond dimensions


Privacy from

  • We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. We are a PCI compliant company and do NOT keep payments details and do NOT share or SELL our customer information.
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THE EXPERIENCE is totally unique, we pledge and deliver an outstanding shopping experience, service and value that simply can not be matched by standing at the counter of a traditional jeweller. We are award winning jewellery manufacturers and loose diamond brokers. The 175,000+ diamonds featured on our site every day are independently certificated by the leading gemological laboratories. The diamond sections of our web site are populated by C.S.O (DeBeer’s) site holders using our very powerful, bespoke and exclusive software which we first started developing in 1994. The site holders/cutters set the prices you pay for the loose diamond, we take a fee from them, rather than the traditional retail margin from you. The cutters can of course all see each other’s listings and can and do price aggressively to win the business. That makes a self-contained competitive arena. Our site and service provides you with a conduit directly to the diamond cutter, you can’t get closer to the mine. We arrange shipping, insurance and import and then make and set your loose diamond in an outstanding diamond ring or piece of diamond jewellery and because its made especially for you, she will be the only person to ever put it on, the only person to ever wear it.


It’s true, in 2008 we turned down the highest ever offer made on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Inevitably those cheeky Dragons, James Caan, Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones wanted too much of our established family business. We obviously failed in our pitch to deliver the value of what we had built. That said, it was an amazing experience and we’ll certainly miss the exhilaration of working with them. It’s also been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to make some very special diamond pieces for them and their associates.



Use our skill and contact and we promise you a unique shopping experience, unquestionable value, remarkable product quality, amazing choice and wonderful design facilities.’s unequalled one-to-one service provides certificated, non-conflict natural diamonds, in bespoke diamond rings and diamond jewellery of the highest quality at incredibly low prices. The average diamond passes through 11 pairs of hands from mine to consumer, we have reduced that journey to 3 to 4 pairs of hands, or 3 to 4 margins.


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Google Checkout

When Google launched ‘Google Checkout’ in the UK [Friday the 13th April 2007] they chose to partner the launch campaign and champion diamond jewellery on Google Checkout. was chosen as the jewellery beta tester because the site and the company met all of Google’s exacting standards. Google checkout is about security, convenience and trust, a fitting accolade then that should be selected as Google’s first online jeweller in Europe to use Google Checkout.


Commercial Offices & Workshops
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Company Details

247 Diamonds Ltd  |   Reg. Offfice  |   Old Forge Court  |   Iron Cross  |   Salford Priors  |   Worcestershire  |   WR11 8SH
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Callers by appointment only please

We Are

Here at it is not just our engagement rings that are unique. Our way of doing business is distinct, and is what has helped us become one of the most successful jewellers in the UK. Our whimsical name lets you know that we are different from your traditional, rather ‘stuffy’, engagement ring stores.

Although does have a high street shop, we do most of our business online. It’s because of this, and our unique way of selling and producing your precious ring, that allows us to create exceptional quality engagement rings at the best possible price.

At Diamond Geezer, we ensure that we always remain contactable and approachable. Take all the time you need and ask all the questions you want when choosing your ring. The ring that you choose is very special, so we will never hurry a decision along.

Engagement Rings – The Sale

Browse through our website and you will find over 175,000 diamonds on offer. We allow DeBeer’s site holder’s to promote their diamonds on our website. Through our sophisticated software, which we have been developing in-house since 1994, the site holder’s are able to bid against one another in order to win your business. Once the diamonds have been sold, we take our cut from the DeBeer’s holder – rather than tagging on a hefty commission to the price of the diamond. This way, our customers get the best possible price for the diamonds in their engagement rings. Our DeBeer’s holders are happy too, and so keep providing a fantastic selection of the highest quality diamonds for us to showcase on

Buying an engagement ring online could be seen as a leap of faith. However, if you look through our abundance of awards and fantastic reviews, you will see a never-ending stream of happy people. We provide the full-service and aim to produce a customer service second to none. A family business in the diamond trade for more than fifty years, we must be doing something right.

Mugs! deal in Diamonds for sure, but we also deal in happy customers!
Many thousands of them over the years, indeed.

So why the reference to ‘Mugs’? Well, it’s just that a surprising number of those entirely happy customers have taken the trouble to kindly recognise the outstanding quality and value they have enjoyed from shopping on line with by going to the trouble and expense of sending us  ‘ mugs’  for which we are unbelievably grateful and appreciative.

In fact we are building up quite a collection of mugs now, maybe not enough to rival our Loose Diamonds perhaps but still highly significant in customer satisfaction terms! We would like therefore to thank our customers publicly for these mugs and also for the very many sparkling (like our Diamonds) testimonials and sincere communications of great satisfaction expressed by them on a daily basis.

We know only too well that any piece of jewellery is a hugely important, emotive and personal item to our customer and we take great pride in delivering exceptional quality to you and be assured that each and every customer of is of equal importance to us. welcomes the new compulsory hallmarking of palladium

Leading UK online diamond jeweller & jewellery manufacturer welcomes the new compulsory hallmarking of palladium jewellery which became law in the U.K on the 1st January 2010. There has been a voluntary hallmark for Palladium since July 2009 and over 40,000 pieces have been voluntarily hallmarked in the last six months. believes that this demonstrates the potential popularity of this newly recognised precious metal.

Celtic Wedding Ring
Hallmarked Palladium & 18ct Yellow gold Celtic wedding ring design by has been successfully manufacturing diamond rings & wedding rings in Palladium for the past 5 years. Much of the jewellery industry see this pure, noble white metal as a threat to more expensive platinum sales, whereas offer it as an alternative to 18ct white gold. Being naturally white, unlike white gold, Palladium is a hard, low maintenance metal that meets current trends and opens up huge opportunities to create affordable, practical, innovative pieces of fine diamond rings, wedding rings & diamond jewellery using the metal.

From January 1, 2010 hallmarking became a compulsory legal requirement for all palladium articles weighing over 1 gram. The recognised fineness standards are 500, 950 or 999 parts per thousand, the 950 standard is the recognised quality for fine jewellery. Palladium has much in common with Platinum – it is very white, does not require plating and does not tarnish. It is less dense and less expensive and the consequences of mistakenly identifying Platinum as Palladium are eradicated by the new hallmarking shape which was introduced on the 1st January 2010 and replaces the initial trapezium shape.

Platinum Finenesss MarksPlatinum Fineness Marks

Palladium Fineness Marks

Palladium Fineness Marks 2010 onwards

Hallmarked Palladium & diamond dragon pin designed & manufactured by especially for James Caan of BBC Dragons’ Den fame.

Hallmarking has protected the U.K consumer and ensured the U.K. jewellery industry operates exacting, high standards for over 700 years. No piece of fine jewellery can be sold as silver, platinum or gold in the UK unless it has been hallmarked (subject to certain exemptions). The palladium mark is made up of three compulsory symbols, the sponsors mark, identifying who submitted the item for hallmarking, the town mark, indicating which Assay Office tested and hallmarked the item and the fineness mark which denotes the purity of the metal alloy.

For more information about Palladium hallmarks go to or anyone of the four UK Assay Offices.

Assay Offices