sparkle factors
Remember the higher the diamond quality the brighter the stone and the greater the perception of size. In the early 21st Century decided to define a system that identified and extracted only data that contributed to sparkle from diamond certificates. All the reassuring trade definitions in the certificate are wonderful, we are all so glad we have the consumer protection provided by impartial diamond laboratories, but what does it all mean? How does it affect sparkle?So those technical people at created the ‘Sparkle Factor’ a complicated algorithm that reads the diamond certificate and scores the diamond on attributes that contribute to the diamond’s sparkle. So stringent and complex is the calculation that even the strictness of the lab. has a bearing on the scoring and influences the final Sparkle Factor.
Fair quality diamond

Sparkle Factors
SAYS WHAT IT IS ON THE TIN. Certainly these diamonds DO have more than their fair share of ‘nature’s fingerprints’ but they are completely natural and you will get more size for your money.

They have their place. BUT not on our pages.

A good diamond

Sparkle Factors
If you are working to a tight budget can we suggest you drop the diamond size and go for higher quality OR if size really is the most important factor, break all the rules and choose a ‘J’ colour with strong blue fluorescence.

Sparkle Factors
It’s an OK stone but why not take advantage of our buying power & price savings and buy an above average stone?

An excellent quality diamond

Sparkle Factors
A high quality stone, the right combination of colour, cut and clarity gives the desired results.

One of the very best diamonds available

Sparkle Factors
This stone is very high quality and that quality converts directly to sparkle, life and energy.

Perfect diamond

Sparkle Factors
The best a girl can get – so few girls can ever own a diamond like this. Need we say more?