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Amazing Service, amazing result!! Don't buy a ring from anywhere else!
Review by confirmed purchaser   05 December 2013 Click for more reviews
It all starts with the engagement ring. We are, a family firm with nearly 50 years history and experience of designing and making fine diamond jewellery and wedding rings. We understand that our designs are as much about marking a very special commitment as the engagement ring itself. We are the designers and manufacturers of all the rings featured on the site, your engagement ring will made just for you and each piece we manufacture is mastered uniquely to match the exact diamond dimensions of the certified diamond you select from the 235,536 listed on the site today. One of those 235,536 certified diamonds has your name on it, we will match you with your perfect diamond! Her engagement ring will be made just for her and she will be the only person to even put it on.

Buying From The 'Net
Use our services and you're not really buying from the 'Net, the InterNet is just were we happened to meet. You will be buying from a highly qualified, highly rated, highly recommended family owned and run manufacturing jeweller with the best part of 50 years in jewellery manufacture. Commission us to make your engagement ring and you will be working with and buying from masters of design, cad-cam and 3D printing to ensure absolute precision and quality. True we may never meet in person but we will talk more, communicate more and you will be much better informed than you can expect or ever get from traditional shopping or elsewhere on the 'Net. As you follow the production of your engagement ring around our workshop, you will become more informed, more aware and delight in being part of the whole procedure. Shop with us and you will enjoy an experience that few can match. We're a 'people' company and we're all about building relationships. Google ' reviews'

Required: A Slight Change of Culture
Buying your engagement ring from a 'distant-seller' like really does not require a huge leap of faith, merely a slight change of culture. Time to abandon those traditional ideas of tramping around the High Streets, trying on yet more mass-produced engagement rings, that hundreds have tried on before you. Why limit yourself? Why make this important decision in a few stressful minutes while standing at a counter with the next person breathing down your neck. The irony, the law protects you so much more when you make a purchase from the internet. There is no such thing as 'Caveat Emptor' (buyer beware) with a remote purchase, the law forbids it.

Design are masters of design, we have an in house design team, the latest CAD-CAM software, 3D printing and rapid prototyping systems.

Design Service
Not what you are looking for?
We can make whatever you desire and make it quickly. FREE PHONE 08080-DIAMOND for a free, impartial consultation, let's talk diamonds, let's talk design and let's talk now. Our team of 5 design gurus are masters of the latest cad-cam design systems. Our fine, high quality jewellery is the result of a magical fusion between latest technology and traditional 300 year old hand-skills.
Talk To Us
Free phone 08080-DIAMOND that's 08080-341666 or 01451-810595 (from a mobile) we have competent gemologists and jewellery experts available 12 hours a day, ready to share impartial, informed and free qualified help and advice without obligation

Rules of Engagement - A Buyer's Guide

Do NOT pop the question then buy the engagement ring
Come on chaps what message are you trying to deliver? This is a proposal, your proposal, let's have a little tradition, maximum romance, bend that knee, book that string quartet, light up Times Square, win those points. It's time to back your judgment. 'Ah but what if she says no, or doesn't like the engagement ring I choose?' No matter, no risk we'll change it, remake it, start again or refund you 100% and with a generous 30 days in which to return it, more if you need it. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain, make it memorable, make it special. Enjoy this reassuring fact: We currently exchange just one ring in 2,301, it works!

Do not rush
Take your time, research well, talk to people, talk to us, make an informed, qualified decision when and where you buy your engagement ring.
Buy from a designer manufacturer as we are, ensure the website is PCI compliant, we are (see below) but so many are not and yet its the law. Check independent reviews.

Budget - how much to spend?
We've all heard the theories on how much you should spend on an engagement ring, 1 month's salary, 2 month's salary. Spend what you can afford to spend, it's obvious that the more you spend the more you will get but there are no rules, no formula, no judgments, Oh apart from those by her girl-friends of course.

Value v. Price
It's not just about price, we continually check our prices and are confident that we offer the best price, of course if you know better we will match any price and value. It's very easy to produce a low quality product, to cut corners and reduce costs and therefore price. is not about perceived value but genuine value which is reflected in the quality of the products we produce and the level of our customer and after sales service. Ours is a 'value proposition', it's about so much more than just price. Hint: What a large dressy ring but buying on a budget? Then think COLOURED STONE

Diamond Certification would argue that diamond certification is essential on diamonds over a certain weight. When we talk about diamond certification we are referring to an independent fee based report produced by one of the recognised gemological laboratories, they don't sell jewellery, they are expert, have the high level equipment and they are impartial. We are not talking about any other type of document branded or claiming to be a Diamond Certificate. We use the following diamond certification labs., in order of strictness the GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, & EGL. Certification is NOT standard, is not a requirement, is entirely a jeweller's option to offer certification or not and it does cost money. Certification adds cost and therefore premium but it also adds value. Certification is not obligatory unlike the log book of a motor car, however diamond certification is desirable and we would argue essential on stones over a certain weight. On smaller diamonds or diamonds that are not economically viable to certificate supplies a Certificate of Authenticity which is a document we produce confirming and standing by what we have supplied and specified.

Ring Size
Please don't get bogged down with this, don't risk ruining the surprise or diluting the occasion, don't let not knowing the finger size get in the way of the selection. Its a ring and sizing a properly made quality ring is not a problem, not an issue, does no harm. We and good jewellers all around the world do it everyday. We offer a free next day sizing service on all rings we make, including engagement rings and we include a handy temporary ring clip in every pack.

Hallmarking - its the law! Please be aware that the independent, individual piece-by-piece testing and hallmarking by one of the 4 U.K assay offices and the Dublin assay office in Eire is a legal requirement in the U.K and Eire. The hallmark is your warranty not only of the metal type but of the purity of the bullion. It is also a solid assurance that the piece is nickel and cadmium free. This is an official process and stamp that you will not get from retailers or 'etailers outside the U.K and Eire. We only sell 950 purities, that is 95% pure Platinum and Palladium. Qualities as low as 500, just 50% pure are common from non U.K and Eire counties.