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Wedding Rings are symbolic of the most important day of your life. They represent enduring love, trust and companionship and a bond that should last forever. So isn't it worth making sure that your ring stands the test of time too? All wedding rings are manufactured in house, yours will be made especially for you, no one else will have ever put it on. Each design is unique and made to the highest standards of quality. So when you first put it on, you'll know that it's more than special enough for your special day. And remember, you'll always be the first person to wear it - you won't find 'pre-loved' rings here, only rings made especially for you. We have rings for all tastes, so whether you're after something understated, or you want to make a real statement, you'll find the right ring, right here. And if you're not delighted, we'll give you your money back............EXPLORE over 16,000 designs of wedding rings

How long does it all take?
The whole process takes just 7 to 10 days and we will even improve on this if the need is for expediency. We will finish your Wedding Rings any way you would like, plain polish (mirror bright), heavy frosted finish, subtle satin finish or how about a rustic hammered finish to name but a few of your options. Buy directly from the designer/manufacturer, and buy hallmarked British Wedding Rings. Free resizing and money back if not delighted...........EXPLORE over 16,000 designs of wedding rings

Traditional Plain Polish Wedding Rings
We have traditional gold wedding rings, as well as rose gold, white gold, palladium and platinum rings. There are hundreds of women's and men's rings to choose from, so you're sure to find a design that's the perfect match for your partner's personality. On the more understated end of the scale, plain polish and single diamond wedding rings are exquisitely elegant - graceful, beautiful and subtly striking. Or you can make sure all eyes are on your ring finger, with our 'Wow!' designs. A 'Wow!' ring screams 'look at me', with its extra bright cluster of gorgeous cut diamonds...........EXPLORE plain polished wedding rings

Channel-Set Designs
Our channel-set designs marry subtly and splendour in perfect harmony. These clean, modern designs boast a fantastically lustrous finish, and are smooth and sleek so won't snag on clothes............EXPLORE channel-set diamond wedding rings

Celtic Wedding Rings
Celtic Wedding Rings aren't usually set with diamonds, but they come complete with plenty of 'wow-factor' thanks to their intricately cut Celtic-style designs - perfect for those who appreciate history, mystery and tradition............EXPLORE Celtic wedding rings

Fitted Wedding Rings
Fitted Wedding Rings
A fitted-wedding ring is a ring, or ring-set that is made specifically to fit around a more complex or abstract design of gem ring and at DG that means fit perfectly, hand-in-tailor-made-glove. No matter if we made your engagement ring or it was supplied by someone else, we have part of our 3,000 square feet of workshop dedicated to the design and manufacture of fitted-wedding rings and would be delighted to discuss options and procedures with you...........EXPLORE fitted wedding rings

Diamond Wedding Rings
You would expect a diamond jewellery designer and manufacturer with the standing of to proffer an exceptional collection of diamond-set wedding rings, from the simple to the sublime, from the simple to 'Celebrity' and everything in between, have fun...........EXPLORE our diamond wedding rings

Celebrity Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings with a touch of celebrity, all designed and manufactured in House: Diamond Celebrity Wedding Rings created by to your desire. Get the very latest in celebrity similarity brilliant bling and push the boundaries to match your personality. Select from the dazzling collection today to bring yourselves together, yet set yourselves apart!...........EXPLORE Celebrity wedding rings

Matching Wedding Ring Sets
If you're looking for the perfect set of rings to represent your special bond, then browse our collection of matching wedding rings. We've got 'his and hers' matching rings, as well as matching designs for gay men and gay women...........EXPLORE matching wedding rings

Wedding Rings for Gay Couples
Wedding Rings for same sex couples from are made individually, so you each will be the only person ever to wear, to ever put on, your own special Wedding Ring. At we have a spectacular collection from which for you to make your choice, so browse through the collection today to find your favourites, two of them have your names on them. ...........EXPLORE matching wedding rings

Wedding Rings a potted History
The use of rings to symbolise marriage and eternal love can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians. These Egyptian rings were fashioned from reeds and rushes, and had to be frequently replaced, as they would quickly decay. However, since the Egyptians were usually polygamous, the wedding ring didn't necessarily signify faithfulness, as it does today. The ancient Romans too used rings to signify betrothal, but like the Egyptian reed bands, these differed in meaning from our modern rings. In the eyes of Roman men, wives were seen as possessions - and the rings were predominantly used to signify ownership. Some traditions surrounding the wedding ring still survive from ancient times. The ring finger - the third finger of the left hand - was given special significance by these ancient peoples as it was believed that the finger contained a vein that went directly to the heart. And although it's not necessarily explicit in modern marriage ceremonies, the shape of the wedding ring is significant, as it was to many earlier cultures across the world. The circle has no end and no beginning, signifying eternity. And it also reflects the shape of the sun and the moon, which were worshipped by many ancient peoples. There's even a remnant of the earlier Roman idea of rings representing ownership. After all, part of the reason that we wear rings is to signify to potential suitors that we're already 'taken'. The traditions surrounding weddings and special jewellery continue to evolve today. For example, it only became customary for men to wear wedding rings during the Second World War, when soldiers would wear them to remind themselves of their wives back home. As the wedding ceremony changes through time, though, we can be quite certain that the wedding ring - and all the symbolism that comes with it - will endure for many years to come...........EXPLORE over 16,000 designs of wedding rings

Ethically Sourced Diamonds
When you buy a diamond wedding ring from, you can be certain that the diamonds have been sourced from legitimate sources. We guarantee it. For more information about our ethical, conflict-free diamonds, see our blood diamond information page...........EXPLORE our diamond wedding rings